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How I Help My Clients


I help my clients get into the best shape of their life through resistance training program for the most efficient and sustainable fat loss and muscle gain progress.


I develop easy to follow systems for nutrition and workouts to match your lifestyle. Sustainable approach with flexible food options and highly efficient workout plans to minimize the time spent in the gym.


I track your progression on a daily basis to make sure everything is optimized to reach your goal in the quickest time possible. Weekly consultation sessions are also available.


I help my clients develop their knowledge for exercise and nutrition to reach full autonomy at the end of the program. This way, they can use this knowledge to keep what they achieved for many years. Think of it as a consultant that gives you advice and helps you understand the reason behind doing everything in the program. 

Body recomposition

This is a great example of body recomposition. This client wanted to build muscle to get a nicely shaped athletic body. We went for building muscle and losing fat at the same time to get muscle definition but also to get a nice shape. She was able to build a substantial amount of muscle mass while her strength increased significantly on all exercises. This is a 2 month progression.


Muscle growth

One year transformation with a sole focus on muscle growth through resistance training completely natural. 

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Body recomposition

Another example of a body recomposition taking place. We wanted to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. This was achieved in a very short amount of time which was 6 weeks with 3 workouts per week. 

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“I’m absolutely amazed on how Mirza helped and provided me with all the tools to get to the best version of myself.

I’ve been trying many times in my life to train for months and I never really had any progress.

Now, after not even a couple of months , I can already tell that I’ve never been in such a great shape.

The studies and experience he puts behind his workout plans are incredibly effective and 100% rewarding.

He’s extremely customer oriented and not even once has taken a decision about my workout plan that I didn’t agree on.

I highly recommend him as I’m totally satisfied with his work.”



I highly recommend Mirza as he is like encyclopedia for fitness and nutrition. I was struggling with losing fat due to my extremely busy work schedule, any my weekly travelings were not helping either.


Mirza created a special meal plan for my lifestyle that was actually easy to follow and with only 3 workouts per week, going to the gym was not a challenge.

Over the first 3 months that I have worked with him I lost 12 kg of fat which I though was not possible at the beginning!

If you are serious about getting your body in shape, I highly recommend his program.



I have worked with Mirza over a few months and I am very happy to say he is really a dedicated coach. He gave me a diet plan which worked efficiently and I was able to achieve my goals very fast.

He is an experienced coach who actually understands the body needs and requirements.

I would recommend his services to people who want to achieve their fitness goals.

Online Coaching

What can you expect?

With my Be Fit and Strong flagship program, I use the most recent exercise and nutritional science to help individuals build muscle and lose fat in the quickest time possible. 

You will receive a detailed meal and workout plan depending on your gender, training level, genetics and available time.

All of this is being tracked through an online system that way you can be anywhere in the world and easily follow the program guidelines while receiving my feedback on a weekly basis. 

Check out what else you can expect below!


Fat loss tracking

The way I work with clients is both online and in person, depending on your location. Part of the program is to monitor your body composition changes through an online system. This is how we make sure you are progressing at a good rate without wasting any time. 

You simply update the sheet which takes less than 10 seconds of your time. 

Shape your body

Untitled design (4).png

The second goal of the program is to shape your body by adding lean muscle tissue. This is how you can get that lean athletic look that is desired by many. 

This is achieved by tracking your strength progression through an online system, making it easy for you to follow the program from anywhere in the world. 

Auto-regulatory progression for maximum muscle growth

After creating an optimal nutrition and workout plan based on the individual parameters such as gender, weight lifting experience, genetics, profession, amount of stress, and available time, I track the progress on a daily basis to make sure you are on the right path.

Some of the techniques used to maximize customized workout plan for every individual include:

  • Auto-regulatory volume training

  • Auto-regulatory inter-set rest periods

  • Muscle-specific hypertrophy method

  • Analysis of the data to maximize the performance 

This techniques will allow you to have a highly individual plan based on your parameters that we measure during the first week.

The main reason why I use this approach is simply because of unpredictability of daily life. Sometimes you will fell tired and drained, other times you will feel fired up for the workout, depending on the events that occurred during your day. 

Perhaps you had a stressful day at work? Or you just feel a bit tired from spending the whole day with your partner shopping? A sophisticated program like the one that I use here will automatically auto regulate your workout for that day and still enable you to progress. 

Macro-Micro nutrition for optimal health

Energy balance is the main driver of weight loss or weight gain, however, micro nutrition is often overlooked, and during long term dieting individuals can end up with nutrient deficiencies (even for individuals on multi vitamin supplements). 

This can not only affect your health, but your performance at the gym as well.

You will get a detailed guide on how to fill in your micros and cover all important minerals and vitamins through whole foods, this way you can be healthy, feel great and perform at your maximum abilities.




Advanced training techniques for maximized fat loss and muscle growth

A lot of people believe that exercise is only 30% and the nutrition is 70% when it comes to importance. 

In reality, it is equal, and often enough, people are stuck spinning their wheels in one place simply because of their workouts and the way they train. 

Through specific advanced techniques that I use in my Be Fit and Strong program, you can maximize muscle growth, especially for the lagging body parts. 

These techniques are not reserved only for advanced trainees, but for everyone. We implement these techniques with every single client.


Exclusive 1v1 personal training is available in Dubai in Train SF gym in Al Quoz or at your location.

My services include:

  • Personal training of up to 5 times per week

  • Workout customization based on your goals and needs and any injury history

  • Resistance training with weights for body re-composition (fat loss and muscle gain to shape the body)

  • Flexible dieting plan that is built around your lifestyle

  • Scientifically backed exercise selection for optimal progression

  • Different workouts for men and women.

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