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5 steps to prevent muscle loss while losing fat fast

So you have been weight lifting for a while now and you have put on some size. Your big three lifts (bench press, squats and deadlifts) increased significantly and you have never been this strong in your life! But lets say you have been bulking for more than 6 months and you increased your weight by 10 kg. Out of these 10 kg, at least 40% (4kg) would be pure fat since the weight gain rate was too high. For anybody except pure beginner, I would call this a dirty bulk, which should be avoided entirely for the reasons that I will state later in this article.

As a result, you are quite happy the way you look with clothes, however, without the clothes there seems to be problem with lack of muscular definition, as the body fat percentage is too high. Indeed, all that fat mass is covering all your progress that you have made over the period of 6 months. Continuing the bulk would not make sense as the nutrient partitioning gets worse with higher body fat percentages. You basically end up being more fat over time.

At this point you need to go on a cut and lose all that fat. The way you do it will determine how much muscle mass you will retain and the way you will look when you lean down.

Step 1: Optimize your energy intake