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How many carbs do you need to build muscle?

We know that carb is a carb when it comes to fat loss, and that it does not matter if it comes from sugar or a complex carbohydrate source. But how does this affect muscle growth? Are high carb diets better for muscle growth compared to low carb diets?

To understand this, we need to see how your body creates energy and how carbohydrates are used in this process.


All carbohydrate sources. from table sugar to the most complex polysaccharides, are broken down to its simplest form by your body, which is glucose. Glucose is the main energy source that your body primarily uses. Glucose is then converted to pyruvate which can be used in the TCA cycle (aerobic activities) or be converted to lactate (during anaerobic activities). On complete oxidation, around 40% is retained in the form of high energy phosphate bonds ATP. The remaining energy supplies heat to the body.