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How to get ripped fast (Step by step guide)

Before we dig in, I just want to explain that fat loss does not equal to weight loss. With fat loss, we are primarily concerned with losing adipose tissue or fat, with no muscle loss. Weight loss on the other hand is just a total weight lost over a period of time, and it is usually a combination of both fat mass and muscle mass. I have had many clients with near perfect body re-composition where they would keep the same weight for many months.

A lot of coaches would misinterpret this for no progress, however with drastic visual difference, it is a proof that you can in certain cases build muscle at the same rate that you lose fat. The result is same weigh and a completely different look.

Now that we differentiated the two, we will focus on fat loss, and how to maximize it without losing any muscle tissue to get a lean looking physique with clear abs.

Assess your current situation

In order to know where to start, you need to assess your current situation by estimating your body fat percentage. You have to be very careful with this since most people underestimate their body fat levels by 5-10% from my experience. For example if you ask most of the guys about their body fat %, the most common answer you will get is 10%-15%, while most likely they are above 20%.

You may wonder why is this important? The answer to that is quite simple, your current body composition will determine the guidelines for how fast your fat loss should be. This is something that we will discuss in the detail in the step number 2, where I will break it down for you. So how do we know