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How to train to go from skinny fat to fit?

Ever since I started my coaching career I have been approached by a lot of people that are struggling to gain weight, more specifically lean mass, instead of fat loss.

Most think obesity is the problem a lot of people struggle with, however the real truth is that losing fat is super easy compared to muscle growth.

To give you an idea, for an individual of 95 kg, with a 25% body fat, fat loss rate can easily be 1.4 kg per week, or close to 6 kg per month.

On the other side, if the same person is looking to gain lean tissue, anything more than 400 grams of weight gain per week is likely to result in a substantial fat gain as well.

Even with 400 grams of weight gain on a super optimized program, not all of it will be muscle. Ratios depend on your genetics, and it is highly individual.

As a result, a lot of people that even succeed with weight loss are still not happy with the way they look simply because there is no shape without muscles. They still look a bit fat even with low body fat percentages, which is why we call this look ''skinny fat''.

So how do you go from a skinny fat to fit and what is the secret?

Well, there is no magical formula, but there are certain steps you can do with your workout to boost your muscle growth and go from skinny fat to fit and ripped. Lets dive into it.