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Stuck with your fitness progress? This is why

If you are completely new to fitness and you are working out, you will probably make some impressive gains and results at the beginning of your lifting career.

Pretty much anything you do in the gym will result in muscle growth. The reason why is simple, you are introducing your body to a new type stress and it is adapting to it very quickly. 

If you are looking to lose weight and gain muscle (which should be your goal if you want to keep the weight off), you will quickly lose first few kilos and, with that, you will also gain a lot of strength. Quite often, beginners can achieve strength improvements of around 5% workout to workout. 

After 2 - 3 months, this will start to change. You will find out that your progress is slowing down because your body has already adapted to the stress. After 6 months of total training your progress will most likely completely stall. 

I have seen people who are beginners or intermediates, going to the gym for years looking exactly the same with no progress at all. They are just going in circles, and most of them blame genetics, but that is not really the reason why they are stuck.

So what do you do when you hit this wall, and how can you achieve your goal? There are a few elements to this, lets go through all of them one by one.

No structure

If you are not logging your exercises and the weight you move each time you go to the gym, you probably need more structure. This is a common mistake that most people make. They never keep track of which exercise