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What to eat on rest day?

If I could show you a way to burn more fat and gain more muscle at the same time, while reducing your hunger and improving your adherance, would you be interested in finding out more about it? If yes, stick around and continue reading this article as I have some interesting ideas for you.

I am very happy that we have evolved from the period where everyone believed that you have to eat every 3 hours to speed up your metabolism and maximize muscle protein synthesis for best results, but now I see another extreme where it is believed that nutrient timing is not important at all. Total daily energy and protein intake is what only matters according to some.

I personally disagree with this, as we have clear research showing benefits of eating more than once a day. On top of this, try consuming 150 g of protein in a single meal without feeling like throwing up afterwards! It is simply impractical.

Another often overlooked element is calorie allocation, depending if it is your workout or rest day. Since your workouts can spend anywhere between 300 - 500 kcal per session, it makes sense to have a higher amount of calories during these days where they can be put to a good use. On the other hand, eating the same amount of food on rest days does not make much sense either as it can easily be stored as fat due to lower activity level.

Now, the biggest question is how much does this matter and what are the effects of this?

Macro nutrient timing