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Why building muscle is essential to lose weight

You are trying to lose weight, you google a couple of trendy diets, after which you pick the one that suits your lifestyle the most. Weight starts to come off, especially in the beginning, 1-2 kilos a week, and you feel confident that this will be an easy task.

By now, you already made 2 mistakes that will completely ruin your fat loss over a long term period. First, trendy diets are usually very restrictive in terms of food choices and in 99% times, you will end up malnutrition-ed, which will make you feel really weak and sluggish after a few months. This will make dieting even harder, which is why people get off the diet at the end, thinking hell is over, lets get back to the normal now.

The second mistake is no strength training to support your muscle growth. This is probably one of the most important elements of fat loss because muscles can speed up your metabolism and make your fat loss permanent. This way you do not have to eat 2 apples in a day to keep losing weight.

Total daily energy expenditure

To fully understand why you need muscle growth to speed up your metabolism lets look at what your energy expenditure is.

Total daily energy expenditure graph