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Are you limiting your progress by over-training?

When we talk about overtraining, there are generally 2 camps where one side is arguing that no such thing exists and that you should always give your 100% every single workout and anything less than that is just not acceptable. While the other camp is arguing that overtraining is a real thing and that if you do not deload every 4 weeks you are at a serious risk of injury. Who should you be listening to? As usual, the truth is somewhere in the middle.


Let us first start off with understanding what an over-training is. Overtraining is an increase in the fatigue to a level that impairs your performance over the medium term. I am not talking about fatigue during the workout which is completely normal, I am talking about the fatigue that carries over to the next workout and impairs your performance.

The fatigue that we are interested in is neuromuscular fatigue, and it can have two origins, central and peripheral.

Central sites include brain and spinal cord while peripheral sites include muscle cells.

Peripheral fatigue