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Be Fit and Strong is an online platform dedicated to helping high performing professionals find the path to developing an amazing physique through a scientifically backed training and nutrition.

I specialize in helping people find a sustainable plan for losing fat and building muscle to achieve a shaped physique. All of this is achieved through strength training 3-4 times a week. 

I provide online coaching and personal training services, as well as workout and diet plans. 

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About Me

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I help busy professionals from various different industries lose fat and build muscle mass while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. 

I have been in fitness world for more than 14 years, where I learned basic principles that need to be followed to achieve maximum results. 

I have a background in finance where I worked for more than 8 years helping people invest, but my passion pulled me into the fitness coaching world. 

I have a cat but I also consider myself a dog lover!

My Principles


  • Always view at problems from the clients perspective

  • Find the source of the problem instead of patching things up

  • Always listen to the clients feedback

  • Growth mindset instead of goal based mindset

  • Intrinsic motivation instead of extrinsic motivation

  • Anything is possible in life if you fully commit to it

  • Take massive action


Everything that I have learned over the past 14 years of training is available on this website providing you with shortcut to being in the best shape of your life even if you are a very busy individual working 6 days a week mostly tied to your desk and have no time or energy for working out on top of that.

I completely understand the idea of coming back from work after a long day at work, feeling completely tired and definitely not feeling like lifting weights to finish your day! That is probably the last thing you want to do. I know exactly how that feels because I have been there.

Just to give you an idea, for the past 8 years I have been working in financial industry helping people invest all over the world, and my work has been mostly sedentary with minimal movement. On top of that my working hours were from 8am to 7pm 5 days a week. Mostly stuck at work, right? 

Now, if you are like me, you probably tried a few things but it was just not sustainable for a long period of time and it did not work at the end. I have made so many mistakes on my fitness journey and lost so much time doing irrelevant things that I wish somebody just showed me how it is properly done. Would have saved me so much time and injuries as well!

This is the exact reason why I had to dig deep into science and understand how to maximize the effectiveness of my workouts through proper exercise selection, volume, intensity and how to optimize my diet that way I can achieve my fitness goals in a given amount of time. I simply had no time to waste in the gym. I needed a compass that can tell me if I am heading into the right direction or not at any time.

If you are interested in online coaching with me, check out online coaching section where I explain how my program works in detail. 

If you have any questions before deciding to try out my program, schedule a free consultation call that could potentially change your life.

If you are interested in some free content to understand my philosophy of nutrition and workouts click here!

I will be providing you with a  lot of high quality content through articles that are being published regularly on various different topic. This will be very helpful to you if you are interested in self coaching. I am also providing online coaching services where I will be guiding you through your fitness journey and teaching you everything that I know about fitness and healthy lifestyle.  

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