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How to chose the best workout plan for building muscle?

Updated: May 8, 2018

Since you are here I assume that you are looking for that amazing workout that can help you build muscle as fast as possible. Or maybe you are just looking for some interesting ideas. Either way I am going to share with you some basic principles that can guide you to set up a workout routine to build an amazing physique that you did not even think it was possible!

Weight Lifting

When I am setting up a new plan either for myself or anybody else, I always go back to the basics and look at all elements that can affect muscle gain and then prioritize what is most important. I am going to explain you how you can in just a few steps create a plan that will serve you for lifetime, and that will maximize your muscle gains with minimum time wasted. This way you know that everything you do will work and all you need to do is stick to it until you reach desired results.

Step 1: Understand what is sustainable and what is not

This would be the single most important thing when it comes to setting up any workout plan. The main reason why many coaches out there put this at the first place is because without consistency there is no results. This is why when you are setting up a plan you need to understand that there is no ma